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Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security.” 


get a house instantly

FREE LAND HOUSING SCHEME. is an initiative of Ruftop Estates— helping people achieve their greatest desire to becoming a landlord, We will give you an half plot Free of Charge for your immediate housing Project. 

Hurry while offer lasts. The scheme covers two of our Estates ; Obada Oko Phase 2, Pakudi & Owode Egba Phase 2, Akinbo, Mowe-Ibafo All you need to do is start your Housing Project on the land without delay. Think of the benefits for your group (cooperative, church, Asalatu members and so on.


We are giving out 500 half plots of land to the first 500 households for their immediate housing projects. All you have to do is start your building projects immediately. Moreover, we are supporting you with up to N600,000 for your housing project to ease your burden of construction.





Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the cost of Land for this Scheme?
  2. We are giving you half plot of Land measuring 50ft by 50ft (Free of charge). You may buy more to increase your land bank if you think the half plot is too small for you or your project.
  1. What cost am I likely to incur on the land?
  2. You are not going to incur any cost as related to the purchase of the land, but you may incur cost of documentation.
  1. What is the cost of Documentation?
  2. The cost of documentation varies. The type of building and housing you subscribed to. The cost of building varies N35,000 to N75,000.
  1. What titles do I get on the allocated land? The following titles are to be giving on the land.
  2. Deed of Assignment/Gift
  3. Perimeter Survey in your Name
  4. The Architect Signed and Sealed Building Plan.
  5. Residents ID Card

 Q            Who is the facilitator of Ruftop Estates

A             The facilitator is Wroyt Media Ltd

 Q            What is ‘FREE LAND HOUSING SCHEME?

A             FREE LAND HOUSING SCHEME is a specially designed program to assist over 500 households to become landlords in between the month of January 2020 and July 2020. It is designed to help 500 households achieve the best shelter suitable for their needs at a much reduced cost and maximum qualities.

  1. Who is qualified to benefit from the Housing Scheme?
  2. Every human being is qualifying, irrespective of your color; race and nationality. The most important thing is the compliance with national property acquisition laws
  1. For how long am I going to exercise ownership of the land you give me free of charge?
  2. As long as you want. The land is entirely yours just as if you have purchased it.
  1. How can I subscribe to the Scheme?
  2. You can subscribe to the Scheme by applying via the following simple steps
  3. Obtain the application form from our office or via our website
  4. Make payment of N2,500 for the form
  5. Complete the form online or offline and fill-in the teller number if you have made payment to the bank or fill-in your receipt number if you had made cash payments to the bank.
  1. Can I transfer the ownership of the land?
  2. Yes. You can transfer the ownership of the land in accordance with the National Laws and Estate Laws (See the deed of Assignment for more information)
  1. Can I contract my project to a company/individual of my choice?
  2. Yes. Revert to the Home Office for conditions and modalities.
  1. Is there going to be other charges over time?
  2. Yes. There will be development fee for the development of the estate and for the betterment of all and sundry in the estate.
  1. Can I supervise my housing project as it goes on?
  2. Yes, you can supervise it. In fact, we will be glad to have you on the ground.
  1. Can I come for inspection of the land
  2. Yes. You are free to come for inspection anytime you wish
  1. What if I could not continue after I have subscribed to the scheme?
  2. In as much as we do not pray for such eventuality that will make you not able to achieve your aims under the specified period of time, yet we have provisions resolve such eventuality. The Home office is in the best position to advise you and adjust to help you as the situation may demand.
  1. How can I contact your company for more information?
  2. You may contact us via the following channels;

TEL:+234 703 339 9067, 0701 402 8609,