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Palm Plantation

With as low as N500,000. You can earn 1 million naira annually for 25 years

With over 100 acres of arable lands for palm plantation, we are inviting you to invest in the future by purchasing a piece of the palm plantation.

An acre is 1.5 million naira. However, you can purchase a minimum of ⅓ of an acre which is #500,000.  After 3 years, your plantation begins to produce fruit which can earn you up to #1 million naira per year.

How it works

We are experts in palm plantation cultivation, with partnerships with IITA and hybrid seedlings suppliers. 

You own the land while we manage the crops to ensure maximum yield. When your farm begins to produce fruits, we will get 10% of the annual sales for farm management. 

For more information:

Call Oyewole: 2348023384594

WhatsApp: 2348143297958

Address: 3, St. James Primary School Close, Olorunsogo, Abeokuta.

Frequently Asked Questions

The farm is facilitated and managed by Ruftop Estates and properties in conjuction with many organizations and experienced individuals.

3, St. James Primary School Close, Olorunsogo, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Tel: +234802 338 4594, +234703 339 9067.

Ayetoro, Yewa North Local Government, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

An acre is N1.5million and a Hectare is N2.5million and we have lesser smaller lots

Yes. You can buy a minimum lot of N500.000, N1million or even more than a Hectare?

Yes. There is installment plan on the farm. 6months payment window for those buying less than an acre and 12months for those buying up to and more than an acre.

The projected annual income is between N800,000 and N1million.

Deed of conveyance, provisional survey plan and payment receipt

Of course, the land is yours in accordance with the provision of the law of Ogun state and farm manager/facilitator.

The land belongs to your (exclusively for farming only) unless there are changes in the provision of the law or agreement.

All payments are to the banks as we do not accept cash payments. Account details:


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