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25% RoI per Annum on your real estate investment

Real estate business is one of the most lucrative business in the world. As a well known fact, lands do not depreciate but rather appreciate and it’s value can increase by more than 150% within 2 years depending on the location. 

As an expert in real estate business, we have researched and identified profitable real estates whose value will increase and become sort after in the coming years due to there strategic locations. Investing your money with us is a sure way for you to make money from real estate business. Your investments are guaranteed. 

Relax and let your money work for you. 

Here's your opportunity to make money from a profitable real estate business

Ruftop etates is a fast growing real estate and investment company in Nigeria. We are committed to making people become house owners and also providing investment opportunities to individuals who are looking to make money from real estate business. 

With more then 5 years of experience, we have served over 5,000 customers within and outside the country. Our estates are strategically located across the south western part of Nigeria to yield maximum revenue.

We always deliver!

Meet Our Team

CEO Oyewole Rufai
Oyewole Tunde Olatunbosun
C.E.O / M.D
Mr. Adeola
Adeola Amusan
Investor Relstonship Manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

RUFTOP ESTATES INVESTMENT is a financial system to onboard more investors into RUFTOP ESTATES by putting their investment into Real Estates Business and sharing the proceeds with our investors.

The Minimum amount is N200k and Maximum is N10m for individual and N50m for Corporate Entity

25% Return per annum and you get your return 6 months after your deposit is received. The invested amount will be paid evenly throughout the following 6 months or you received the lumpsum at the end of the 12th month depending on your preference.

 Immediately your investment and return is fully redeemed.

Your Return is paid within the first 21 days of your investment and your capital is paid within the 12 months of
your investment

Yes, but the refund will take at least 3months to be settled and there will be default in the payment of ROI?

No. but you can invest for your children, wife, siblings and you being in control and monitoring of the account

Yes, but that is going to be fully discussed by both party and Agreement will immediately be effected.

No additional service but if need be you will be contacted and definitely it will be for the good of all.

You will be paid through your submitted account details and you can be contacted via your provided telephone
number(s) and email addresses.

Not a bad idea, if there will be other benefit, you will definitely be contacted. You are part of the company.

God forbids, the next of kin becomes the beneficiary of the investment.

No. As much as we are not trying to discredit our agents, it’s the company policy that all payments
be made into the company’s account; ZENITH BANK PLC; RUFTOP ESTATES AND PROPERTIES:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1017555992

Make your payment into our Access bank account.

Account Number: 1632898687


Banker: Access Bank Plc.

You can also make payment through our paystack payment page by clicking the link below